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white background photos and art © Dylan George 2003

colour background pictures © 2001 Mark Kneeshaw

left to right, top to bottom:
All copper and alumnimum wire is scrap electrical wire.
  1. Citrine, copper, yellow light and tiger's eye. Chariot. Sold.
  2. Quartz, copper, aqua light
  3. Quartz, hard drive chassis, vidio camera coil, washers
  4. Calcite, copper, green light. Sold.
  5. Quartz, aluminum, blue light. Sold
  6. Calcite, copper, aqua light . Sold.
  7. Quartz, copper, cast aluminum hard drive and vcr parts, red and yellow lights. $200
  8. Calcite, copper, hard drive platter (20years old), brake disk, UV and green lights. $300
  9. all: quartz, copper, lithium battery. Sold.
  10. Quartz, copper, malacite, green light, lithium battery $50
  11. Quartz copper, red tiger's eye, red light, lithium bat. $50
  12. Quartz copper, amber, yellow light, lithium bat. $50

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